April 11-19, 2020

• $6,950 Shared Room •

• $13,500 Private Room •

Payment plans available*



Wake up to the roar of lions and see the sun rise over the beautiful African plains. Drink your morning coffee & do some morning sun salutations as you watch big tusker elephants and giraffes drink from their watering hole. Jump on a horse and ride through the open field alongside zebras and gazelles. Climb on the roof of an open 4X4 Land Cruiser as you watch a lioness and her baby cubs play under the shade in the warm afternoons, but be on the lookout for the King of the pride as you hike or mountain bike though the hills! At bedtime, fall into your open-air star bed and dream about the adventures in the days to follow!

 Join Tone Escapes on an epic African safari adventure through the timeless beauty of Kenya. In the heart of the Chyulu Hills, presided over by Africa’s iconic, Mount Kilimanjaro, lies an experience that many dream of but few get to experience. Feed your mind, body and soul as you experience the rich wildlife of Africa. Be captivated by her sights, sounds and scents. Africa changes you forever, like nowhere on earth. Let’s go have an adventure…



The large nearby bull elephant noisily drinking volumes of water, brings you back down to earth, as you sit less than twenty paces from these gentle giants of the earth, safely cocooned within the natural wood hide, gazing out onto a multitude of wildlife and their unique dynamics happening live in front of you. A snow-capped Mt Kilimanjaro may greet you on your new morning in this slice of heavenly paradise, a night of lions roaring their authority and hyenas seemingly taunting them back, jackals adding to the acoustics with their loud shrill like calls -now a distant, fading memory, or was it just a dream?


The lodge sits proudly, almost majestically on the slopes of the Chyulu Hills, gazing out across a vista and landscape stretching and untouched for what seems a millennia. This truly unique entity boasts a relationship between conservation and livelihood, embracing the local culture and Maasai while at the same time, encompassing the natural wildlife and the realization that this model where both co-exist side by side, does indeed work.  Roaming and exploring this vast, true wilderness area by game vehicle, perched on an ambling horse, a quiet mountain bike or walking with care through the untamed Africa bush offers you a variety of options in which to see, hear and breathe the sights and sounds of an African safari experience, to become one with your ever-evolving surroundings, the dreams and realizations now tangible.



We highly encourage guests to come alone - it might seem scary to try something with strangers but sometimes that is exactly what we need to help let go of old habits and create new ones. Nonetheless even if you bring a friend or family member, by the end of the trip, everyone’s family.

*International flights to and from Kenya are not included. See our refund policy.





  • All guests fly into Nairobi (NBO). We are happy to assist with your flight plans and help you find the best route and travel schedule.
  • We will greet all our guests at Nairobi Airport and assist you through customs clearance with a private administrator. Once through customs, we will depart for our beautiful accommodations at The Hemingways, a 20 minute drive from the airport.
  • The Hemingways, a luxury 5 Star boutique hotel, is a beautiful oasis in the heart of Nairobi. The grounds are very secure and safe, with stunning green space and a beautiful pool as well as a full-service spa to relax and unwind after a long travel day! The restaurant at The Hemingways serves traditional British afternoon high-tea as well as lunch & dinner. Each guest will also have a designated butler to assist in any and all needs. As we arrive, guests can choose to mingle by the pool or nap if needed. At sunset, we’ll lead a yoga class on the grounds to help ward off jet-lag!


  • After breakfast and a morning workout, we’ll head over to the Giraffe Center located on the grounds of the famous Giraffe Manor. The Giraffe Center is your opportunity for an up close and personal interaction with Rothschild Giraffes! You get to feed them by hand and even give a smooch if you’re feeling frisky! The Giraffe Centre is funded by the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife, a Kenyan non-profit organization.
  • After our playdate with the giraffes, we can also visit a few different restaurant / shopping districts in Nairobi, or a brief visit to the Karen Blixon Museum (Home to the famous writer and where Robert Redford & Meryl Streep filmed Out Of Africa).
  • In the evening we will visit to The David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage. This amazing organization saves baby elephants from all across Africa who have been orphaned by drought or poaching. We will have a private tour and get to play with the babies before they are put to bed for the night. Also, for a $50 donation, guests can adopt an elephant! You won’t be able to bring him home on your carry-on, but your contribution will go all the baby’s food and medical needs for the year, and the keepers will send you monthly updates on your baby elephant!


  • We will depart Hemingways to Wilson Airport, a small private airstrip in Nairobi. We will travel via private plane for 45 minutes to the Ol Donyo Lodge. Get your phones and cameras ready as we land on the open planes in the middle of the Chylulu Hills and are greeted by our Massai guides! Our guides will drive us to the lodge via open air Landcruisers. We even stop along the way for tea and are bound to see many wild animals, including Mr. Tusker, an elephant with the longest tusks in East Africa!
  • Each day at Ol Donyo may vary, depending on the animals that have been scouted, the weather and what we feel like doing as a group, but our days will be ACTION PACKED!
  • Our stay at the Ol Donyo Lodge is particularly special because it's located on a private reserve of over 250,000 acres, which means only Ol Donyo guests are permitted and there is a maximum of only 16 guests at a time, so we will basically have the entire reserve to ourselves!- well, except sharing it will Massai. Elephants, lions, zebras and various other African animals, but you get the idea!
  • Ol Donyo is situated on a cliff and you can even see Kilimanjaro! They have also created a man-made watering hole so many of the animals come right up to the lodge!
  • Each room has an outdoor pool and shower as well as a sky bed should you choose to sleep under the stars!
  • Ol Donyo features a communal pool on the grounds which is where we’ll have workouts & yoga. They also provide yoga mats & props.
  • We also will have private vehicles and private game drivers/trackers, this is great because our group gets to decide where we want to go and what we want to see!

Our stay at Ol Donyo includes:

  • Daily game drives! We jump into the Land Cruiser with our Messi tracker and we drive out to see all the animals: Elephants, Lions, Giraffes, Gazelle, Zebrah, think opening of Lion King! We can do multiple game drives per day. We can wake up early and go out to see the animals getting ready for their day as well as take afternoon or evening drives. My personal favorite, NIGHT game drives! The Massai trackers play a vital role in knowing where the animals are active, so we don’t waste time just driving around 250k acres, but we get right into the action!

  • In between our game drives, we will have our group yoga and workout sessions. We’ll also leave plenty of time to relax by the pool for some fun! You can take time to read or journal all about the adventures your having, the options are limitless!

  • Some days, we can elect to have our breakfast or lunch out in the open fields! The staff will prepare our picnics and make sure we are equipped with everything we would need!

  • For those feeling exceptionally adventurous, we can go out on a safari by horseback! The Ol Donyo Lodge has beautiful stables with horses to accommodate all levels or riders. Those who have more experience can ride through the bush, but those who are beginners can ride in the open plains!

  • Be sure to pack light! Ol Donyo provides daily laundry service, so you really only need a few outfits. We’ll be sure to provide all guests with a packing list prior to our departure.

  • Ol Donyo also provides DSLR cameras with a 100-400 lenses, which means you’ll be able to take pictures as if you were only a foot away from the animals and give yourself the photocredit for National Geographic worthy photos!

  • Ol Donyo also provides a fantastic in room masseuse, should you really want to unwind and relax!

  • We will also visit a local Massi village. They will show us how they build their houses, make their beautiful jewelry and just their general way of life. They’ll even great us with a Massai Tribal dance!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included as well as all drinks and liquor; some meals we will even eat out in the planes while on game drives! The meal quality is OUTSTANDING!!! VERY healthy! The manager used to actually work in the Spa Wellness industry!

  • Daily maid and laundry service, so guests can pack light!
  • Horse riding for those interested, and for advanced riders you can do a safari via horseback.
  • Visit to a local Massi village.

April 19th DEPARTURE

Transfer back to Wilson Airport in Nairobi for guest departure.